House Cleaning


CPPCS provides customized home cleaning services including: dusting various household items, vacuuming carpets, hardwood floor cleaning, sweeping floors, mopping floors, cleaning windows, removing cobwebs, cleaning bathrooms, and more.

Commercial Cleaning

Offer a well maintained work environment for your employees which can help them be productive. Select from our array of business cleaning services. No matter how big or small, we will provide quality service(s).

Move In/Out Cleaning


Moving in and out of a home can be a stressful time. Let us help make the transition easier for you. We offer both interior and exterior cleaning services, so you can enjoy this big event in your life.

Carpet Cleaning


Keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh with our deep cleaning service. Our in-house team members offer proper cleaning solutions and any special care needed for your situation. 

Deep Cleaning


Unwanted stains and clutter add up during the year. CPPCS provides deep cleaning services to help keep your home polished, so you have more time to enjoy life. 

Property Cleaning


With the changes of seasons come various debris and tasks around your property. CPPCS will clean the exterior of your home or business to help maintain the curb appeal.

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry

Day-to-day care of your clothing can be a daunting task. We provide professional wash and fold laundry services. We wash, dry and fold your items with care. 


Clean Outs


With clutter and various products, cabinets can become a place for unwanted furniture and various times. We will give your home or business a deep clean and help organize the available space. 


Basement Cleaning


Basements can be difficult to maintain. Help keep your basement smelling fresh and organized with our cleaning service. 


Daily activity in bathrooms can build up a mess and unwelcome germs. Sustain a polished look and cleanliness with our cleaning service. 

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We understand that hardwood floors take extra care, which is why we offer our service. Preserve your floors with a polished look and feel. 

Buff and Wax

Maintain your floors with our buff and/or wax services. We are able to complete either or both services to help retain that new floor look and feel.


We will provide a thorough clean of your floors. Our team is capable of completing any requested flooring. 



Daily use of your appliances can leave splatter and can be hard to clean. CPPCS will help keep up the cleanliness of your stove and other appliances. 


Interior Walls


From moving to daily scuffs, walls can receive unwanted wear. We can wash walls for multiple rooms in your home. 

Interior Windows


The grime and build up from Wisconsin weather can take a toll on windows. Our team members will provide entire window cleaning needs and more. 


Continued activity and pets can make keeping your carpets clean a difficult task. CPPCS provides vacuuming service to assist you preserve your carpets, rugs and furniture. 

Rug Shampooing

Wisconsin weather can help stain and damage rugs. CPPCS can assist you with conserving your rugs and carpets. 

Dusting | Blinds

Dust can build up throughout your home and blinds. We will dust all necessary items including lamps, tables, blinds and more. 


Prevent dirt from building up on your floors with our sweeping service. We will sweep any type of floor in your home or business.